Sunday, February 13, 2011

Legion Reflections on Various Models

This will just be some general thoughts on stuff from the last couple of games with Legion. I'm currently playing them in a map league. We have our forces dictated to us by what territories we control.

I had access to 32 points as well as a Faction Solo and two Merc Solos (limit of 3 points each on those solos for sake of balance). So, I could potentially run a 41pt army, with the constraints about solos.

Epic Lylyth
Ok, you really only need to read 'Shadow Pack' to realize that it's a disgusting spell and makes her a hard counter to enemies that like direct-fire weapons. Most stealth stuff is infantry with ARM11-15, and you can use AoEs on that. Not too hard, right? Well, ARM18+ with a damage spiral is significantly more difficult to kill at range. Shadow pack does nothing vs. melee, but if you planned on softening up everyone before you got in there, well, that's cute and all but wrong.

What I hadn't used prior to these last couple of games, though, was Lylyth's own bow. The occasion hadn't really arisen, but with two shots, RAT 8, POW12 and base RNG12, she's readily capable of KO'ing 4 light infantry in a turn and then getting a 2" swift hunter. On Feat turn, it's a RNG16 bow with the ability to KO up to 6 guys. Disgusting? Yep.

I've still yet to actually use her spells outside of Shadow Pack, as turn one is usually Shadow Pack and run everything. Turn two is her usually handing out the Ravagore's animus to folks for the continuous fire giggles.

Nephilim Bolt Thrower
Honestly, with eLylyth, his big gig is pushing two enemy heavies back d3 inches and hoping for crit knockdown. Still, it's bascially 6 points and a fury to hope for a crit to throw a heavy back, and that's some stupid potential denial. The POW14 is nice, and one even got lucky and hurt Behemoth some once, but that's icing on the cake.

Anyssa Ryvaal
I grabbed this solo as I knew I was going to be facing a Magnus list (ok, not knew, but had a pretty good idea) and that means AoEs. So, bringing units? He'll just blow my Striders to hell (I'd figured I'd go with eLylyth to deny him direct use of those fraggin' thermo-nukes, which was a good idea, but there's bound to be a mule there too). So, I took a pair of Deathstalkers, Anyssa, and a shepherd instead.

Anyssa is disgusting.

People might compare her to two Striders, but she's got a few things on 'em.
1) Mobility.
SPD 9, light cav, and Pathfinder mean she's where she wants to be, and can often back out of threat range. OR, run screaming across the field another 4 inches.
2) Lethality.
She's not got Sniper, but she's got the same RAT8, RNG12, POW10 statline. The bow's also poison, and with the Prey bonus she's RAT10, POW12+3d6, which usually kills single-wound infantry and also has a solid chance of killing enemy solos, as well. Or, y'know, hunting a character unit.

Basically, she's a bloody hard-to-pin-down homing weapon, and with Snap Fire sending her after a unit isn't a total loss. In the first game, she managed to wander behind the Devil Dogs, kill a grunt, then snap-fire Sam McHorne herself to death. No more pronto, which is a positive in my book.

I wouldn't call her an auto-include at lower point levels, but I think I can start looking for room for her around 35 or so. You don't need her with Raptors, but remember that veteran leader just wants LOS, so your regular raptors can be on the other flank and wave to her for the bonuses to attack rolls.

The Totem Hunter
Frankly, if you're talking about long threat ranges and Prey, this guy comes up. I started out with free merc solos, and I picked up this guy, Gudrun, and a Croak Hunter. This guy's been in all the games so far, and never fails to make an impact.

Add in reach and leap, and he's got a bloody 14" move to engage with the reach death-stick. With Prey, he's perfectly capable of offing solos (MAT10 PS16 and PS13 usually do the job...) and can also harry units.

Given the speed, stealth, and ARM15 + 8 boxes, the enemy really has to either dedicate sprays or charges to take him out rapidly (or True Sight/Eyeless Sight). AoEs probably won't do it, and if the Hunter kills anything, its total movement for the turn is a whopping 21 inches. Try pinning THAT down. Doable? Sure, but it's a lotta area to cover.

Bottom line? This guy's wonderful on a flank. The only thing that would make him sicker would be Advance Deploy. Just be careful about Prey; you want to put it in something important that you're reasonably sure you can engage.

Gudrun the Wanderer
Honestly, this guy does a couple of things.

1) Take Up Space
This guy can take up to three rounds to kill with shooting. First turn, you shoot him dead, he falls down and you can't shoot him as he heals to full. Second turn, he can move and then voluntarily knock himself down (via Binge Drinking). Then, you can try to shoot him again on the third turn. If you just need a guy to hold down a control point, he's annoying and workable for that.

2) Threaten Berserk
Reach, PS15ish, and MAT7 mean he can meander his way through a decent number of infantry as well. Anyone running lower-DEF troops is gonna have to worry about that, and the POW15 is enough to threaten even shield walls.

That being said I'm not sure I'd take him in ALL of my lists, but he's definitely workable. I also like my conversion of him, which looks a little more demonic/rebuilt.

All else fails, his rules are funny. WarmaHordes even has rules to describe someone who drinks excessively and has a temper: Berserk, Binge Drinking, Hangover, and Feign Death. You never know if he's dead or just passed out drunk after a rough night of drinking, but you know if you get close he'll mess you up.

Croak Hunter
I've taken one a few times, mostly with eLylyth. You don't really want to be that one guy without Stealth, because you'll get lit up.

He meshes reasonably well with Legion, between Hunter and Pathfinder. Immunity to Corrosion is nice as well, as a few of our attacks that might potentially tag him (IE: Scather, Blight Bringer, some sprays) won't hurt him.

Beyond that, his main purpose is to hunt living units. MAT/RAT6 and PS10 poison weapons mean he's essentially a weaponmaster, He can tag something from 14" away at more or less their base DEF, but he'll be in range of retaliation by then, and DEF13/ARM14 are probably NOT going to save him. Putting him in a forest might, though.

I'm honestly not sure I'd reach for him rapidly in a Legion army, unless I'm going Stealth-heavy and have already taken a couple of Deathstalkers and/or Anyssa. Mostly, I've had them move around for control points, as Stealth makes them annoying to ferret out of Breaking the Line/No Man's Land unless you run up to them and strike them.

Closing Word
Ok, I have a Gatorman Posse on order (...ok, back-order; apparently EVERYONE wants a couple of them now to start Minion armies.) and I'll eventually put some stuff in on that. I have a Thrullg I have not yet fielded. Why? I have been using Gudrun and the Totem Hunter, or the Totem Hunter and a Croak Hunter as I either want to hold points, or want stealth to fit in with eLylyth.

I also have Wrong Eye & Snapjaw, but have yet to feel the need to field them with a 32 point army as described in the initial post. I do believe they'd fit in nicely with eLylyth's MO, given the ability to deny shooting.

I've not really used the Swamp Gobber Bellows crew, but if I did, I'd use them to hide important support solos like Shepherds & Forsaken.

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