Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thagrosh the Prophet, Part 2: To Tier, or Not To Tier

In the previous post, I discussed my opening thoughts with regards to my newest, bestest attrition buddy, Thagrosh the Prophet of Everblight. 

As with all casters, there's at least one theme list out there you can potentially use.  At this time, the only one I can think of is in the Forces book, and someone's been nice enough to post it out in picture form.  Without further ado, I'll dig into what our list looks like if we theme it.

Tier 1: Whoopity crap.  FA:U on the Blighted Ogrun units (which tend to be FA:2-3 already) and FA:2 for Spawning Vessels.  Most Legion folks own one spawning vessel, tops.  On the bright side, excess corpse tokens don't get 'wasted'.  On the down side, you're bringing expensive bodies, and not too many of 'em.

Tier 2: We have 2+ Blighted Ogrun units.  At this time, we've spent 10-16 points to get 6-10 bodies.  We could double up on Warmongers OR Warspears, but in all honesty I would expect most people to have one unit of either instead of two units of one.

That being said, I would suggest leading with Warspears, because Set Defense can be fun for taking the charge, and we'll be at effective DEF14, ARM18 if we can make use of Death Shroud.

Warmongers OR Warspears can use the +2STR buff.  Alternatively, Tenacity Spam can make the front line of Warspears a stupid-nasty DEF15 against charges/shooting (provided we have Fog of War up against things that don't ignore concealment).

Con: Warspears want you to drop Fog of War upon their charge turn IF they need to peg targets that are in Thagrosh' control area.

Pro: free 3pt solo.  Yeah, you want at least one War Chief in there for the accuracy buff.  Using him to buff everyone might be tough, but at least you can get healing.  Even better: this healing does NOT remove the enemy from play, so the spawning vessel you might bring can still help.

Tier 3: Bring a spawning vessel.  We're at effective 19 points by now, though we still haven't taken beasts or fury support.  Your lessers get advance deploy...but the point of taking a Spawning Vessel is to save on lessers...um.  Yeah.  About that...

Tier 4: Bring 2+ heavies, get +2" on your DZ.  This is pretty solid, considering you're kinda slow as-is.  Get all your stuff up-field faster.  If you're playing 35pts, you have a solid 16+5pts to play with.

What's Your t4 List Look Like?
Assuming 35 points, I would grab a Carnivean (because, hey, spiny growth) and an Angel (we want another heavy; it can crack armor and fly over our glut of medium bases).  I'd love a Shredder for tenacity, but I'm just not sure we've got the points.

pThags [-5]
-Carnivean [11]
-Angelius [9]
-Shredder [2]
5 Warspears [8]
5 Warmongers [8]
Min Spawning Vessel Crew [2]
Warmonger Chief [0]
Total: 35

That gets us to a full T4 list, and runs us a grand total of 34 points.  At 35, I'd be sorely tempted to drop a couple grunts off the Spawning Vessel crew to get me a Shredder.  Lead off with the Warspears, add Fog of War, and throw out tenacity and/or spiny growth on them.  Make the enemy deal with high DEF (up to 15, assuming they want to charge, or if they don't ignore concealment).  Warmongers in the back as follow-up.

At 50?  Add another heavy, max the spawning vessel.  You have 5 points remaining, assuming a 9pt heavy (Angel or Scythean).  Consider a War Chief and Lesser, or Forsaken and lesser, and find a point somewhere?

The requirements for the tier are KIND of nice with pThags.  He wants to abuse multi-wounders and high ARM, and Blighted Ogrun are where you'll get that in-faction.

-Warspears with Tenacity, Fog Of War/Set Defense, and Death Shroud are a DEF15/ARM17 front line vs shooting, and DEF15/ARM19 front line if you can get Death Shroud to go off.  Not the easiest thing to crack.  If the enemy brings lots of infantry, you'll have fun with Berserk and the stew pot.

+2" on the DZ is a nice way to compensate for slower models.

-Not a lot of bodies; this makes the Stew Pot a little less efficient.
-Tier Benefits of T1 and T3 are a bit 'eh', all things considered.
-You're burning a minimum of 13 points (more like 19) on infantry, and you still need a pair of heavies.  Unless you compromise somewhere, this build is only going to mature at 50.
-You have to own two units of Blighted Ogrun?
-Honestly, Gatormen derive more benefit from Fog of War and Death Shroud; only inferior to Warspears in that they lack Set Defense but can get +1DEF or Pathfinder; are you willing to trade +1DEF only vs charges for Unyielding and more accuracy/attacks in melee?

I wouldn't really try this list under 50 points, since the core requirements are a bit steep with regards to the amount of Blighted Ogrun.  If you want to try out a Legion 'brick', this is probably as good as it gets.  At 35, I'd  lean towards a front line of Gatormen with Fog of War and/or Tenacity as a cheap and nasty front line/anti-infantry core.

The tier isn't necessarily terrible, but I feel you need to play it at 50 points to get the most out of pThag's attrition ways, and you really need Warspears as the front line.

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